Scheduled breakout sessions will include presentations and interview-style sessions as well as  hands-on workshop activities. Some of the topics include:


  • Interview with Katherine Paterson on Faith & Fiction (Katherine Paterson and Eric Taylor)
  • A Christian Approach to Writing Fantasy (Matthew Dickerson)
  • Memory, Imagination & Vulnerability: Connecting Our Stories and Readers’ Hearts (Eric Taylor)
  • Writing about Nature and Creation as a Spiritual Reflection and Sub-Creation (Matthew Dickerson)
  • Poetry as Prayer (Abigail Carroll)
  • Scripture and the Poetic Imagination (Abigail Carroll)


  • Visual Storytelling (Paul Rogers)
  • Photography as Fine Art (Paul Rogers)
  • Photography Practicum: Real Life Photography of People and Events (Paul Rogers)

Music/ Song Writing

  • Song writing (Christopher Williams)
  • Worship leadership (Alison McHugh)
  • Worship leadership (Christopher Williams)


  • Prophetic Painting: Art as a Response to God (Kevin Moffatt)
  • Tools for the Painter’s Toolbox: Three Practical Painting Skills (Elisabeth Ehmann Miller)


  • Cultivating a Support of the Arts in our Churches (Ralph Gerlach)
  • The Art of Worship Leadership (Alison McHugh)

The Artistic Life

  • Life-work balance.  Reflections of a painting mother on how to practice art in the midst of everyday life. (Elisabeth Ehmann Miller)
  • The Disciplines of the Artistic Life (Eric Taylor)